7 Reasons Your Organization Should Choose Fortinet Firewalls

In today’s interconnected world, organizations of all sizes face a growing number of cybersecurity threats.

From viruses and malware to ransomware and hacking, cybercriminals are constantly looking for ways to exploit vulnerabilities in an organization’s network. To protect yourself from these threats, your organization needs a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that can detect and prevent attacks before they can cause harm.

One of the key components of an all-inclusive cybersecurity strategy is a firewall. 

A firewall is a security device for computer networks that observes and regulates network traffic coming in and going out, according to a pre-established set of rules. They can be hardware-based, software-based, or cloud-based, and they can provide various levels of protection against different types of cyber threats.

Fortinet Firewalls Are Different

Fortinet is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, including firewalls. In fact, their firewalls achieved a 99.88% Security Effectiveness Score in 2023 cyber ratings.

Fortinet firewalls are trusted by small businesses, large enterprises, and everything in between, including service providers. They’re known for their comprehensive security, high performance, scalability, ease of management, cost-effectiveness, and integration with other Fortinet security solutions.

There are quite a few good reasons organizations trust Fortinet Firewalls over other options.

1. The Security Fabric Approach

Fortinet’s Security Fabric provides multi-layered security that protects against even the most sophisticated cyber threats. 

This approach involves integrating various security technologies and solutions, such as intrusion prevention, anti-virus, anti-malware, web filtering, and application control, to provide end-to-end security for the network. 

Other firewalls may provide only basic security features, leaving the network vulnerable to advanced threats.

2. High-Speed Performance

Fortinet designs their firewalls to perform at high speeds, even under heavy network traffic loads. 

They use specialized hardware and software components, such as custom ASICs, to provide fast and efficient packet processing, which results in minimal latency and high throughput. 

Fortinet firewalls also provide advanced load balancing and failover capabilities, which ensure that traffic is distributed evenly across multiple network devices and that network uptime is maximized. 

This makes Fortinet firewalls an ideal choice for organizations that need to handle high volumes of network traffic without compromising security or performance.

Other firewalls may struggle to handle high volumes of network traffic, resulting in poor performance, network slowdowns, and gaps in security.

3. Scalability

Fortinet’s highly scalable firewalls can adapt to your organization’s changing network needs. They can be easily deployed and configured in a variety of network environments, such as small and medium-sized businesses, large enterprises like educational institutions, and service providers. 

Fortinet firewalls are available in a range of models and configurations, from small office firewalls to high-end data center firewalls, and they can be easily upgraded as needed.

Other firewalls don’t have this ability to adapt, which can make them unsuitable for larger or more complex networks and less than ideal for smaller ones, too.

4. Integration

Fortinet firewalls are designed to integrate with other Fortinet security solutions, such as FortiGate, FortiAnalyzer, and FortiManager. 

You can segment your business’ network into multiple virtual networks, each with its own security policies and access controls, making it easier for your organization to manage network security and make sure that private information is protected from unauthorized access.

Your business will have a complete security solution that can detect and prevent threats across the entire network, from the endpoint to the cloud. 

With other firewalls, you won’t get such seamless integration, leaving you with a fragmented security environment and reduced visibility into network activity.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

You get the security you need without the need for expensive hardware or software. 

Fortinet’s firewalls are available in a variety of configurations, each designed to meet the unique needs of any organization. You choose the firewall that best fits your budget and security requirements.

You may have to buy costly hardware or software to achieve the same level of security when you go with other firewalls. 

6. Ease Of Management

Thanks to their intuitive user interface and centralized management platform, Fortinet firewalls provide a web-based interface that allows you to easily configure, monitor, and manage your firewall settings, as well as view reports and analytics on network traffic and security events.

You’ll also benefit from the advanced automation and orchestration capabilities, which can help your business streamline your security operations and reduce the workload on your IT staff.  This is especially helpful for small businesses who may not have an IT team and rely on one or two employees to handle all security issues. 

You won’t get the same level of control or simplicity with other firewalls that are often clunky and confusing.

7. Advanced Features

With advanced features, such as SSL decryption, which can help detect and prevent threats that are hidden within encrypted traffic, Fortinet firewalls also offer integrated threat intelligence, which leverages their global threat intelligence network to provide real-time information on emerging threats and security events.

Other firewalls don’t always offer the advanced features or you’ll have to pay more to have access to them.

Who Are Fortinet Firewalls For?

The short answer is organizations of all kinds that need a comprehensive security solution that can adapt as they grow. 

But let’s break it down.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Fortinet firewalls are suitable for small and medium-sized businesses that require affordable and easy-to-manage network security solutions. These organizations may have limited IT staff and resources, and so they require security solutions that are simple to deploy and manage. 

With Fortinet firewalls, you have options that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business; after all, law offices, restaurants, gyms and hair salons each have their own set of requirements.

Large Businesses/Organizations

Fortinet firewalls are also suitable for large enterprises that require high-performance network security solutions that can scale to meet their complex network needs. 

These organizations may have multiple branch offices and data centers, as well as a large number of employees and network devices. Fortinet firewalls can provide comprehensive security across the entire network, while integrating with other Fortinet security solutions to streamline operations and provide greater visibility into network activity for chain restaurants, automakers, schools and tech companies.

Service Providers

Fortinet firewalls are also suitable for service providers that require network security solutions to protect their customers’ networks. 

These organizations may offer cloud-based services, such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS), and therefore require security solutions that can protect against advanced threats and provide seamless integration with their existing infrastructure. 

Fortinet firewalls can provide comprehensive security for service providers, while integrating with other Fortinet security solutions to provide a complete security solution for those in education, insurance, banking and real estate.

Learn More About Fortinet Firewalls

As cyber threats continue to climb, make sure your organization is ready to meet the challenge. Fortinet Firewalls offer the comprehensive security you need to have peace of mind, streamline your efforts, save money, and increase efficiency.

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