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Abacus Backup & Disaster Recovery

Keep your data safe and your business compliant with affordable, reliable BDR strategies

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    20+ Years of IT Expertise

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    Exceeds SOC2 & 
ISO27001 Standards

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    GDPR & HIPAA Compliant

Keep Your Business Moving, No Matter What.

Ensure your data is protected in any event, and you’re in full regulatory compliance.

Whether it’s a cyber attack, natural disaster, or hardware failure, disasters do happen. However, an Abacus Backup and Disaster Recovery plan will help you avoid:

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    Lost data and records

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    Costly remediation efforts

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    Vulnerability and liability

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    Business interruptions and frustration

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    Excessive downtime

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    Compliance and regulatory problems

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Get Proof

We don’t just give you a plan, we prove it’s effective via Disaster Recovery (DR) testing, an uncommon perk of Abacus’ BDR capabilities. We’ll implement updates to your custom plan, if necessary, to ensure the most effective BDR solution.

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Get a Plan

Our BDR experts develop a comprehensive plan that gets you back up and running with minimal downtime, no matter the cause or severity of the event.

With 12+ years of expertise building BDR plans for financial services clients, we’re well-versed in helping businesses exceed regulatory requirements and pass audits.

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Avoid Data Loss & Downtime

Nothing interrupts productivity and business like losing access to data—and scrambling to recover.

However, Abacus’ BDR solutions offers a personalized, tested plan that prevents downtime and data loss, keeping your team productive and focused.

What Clients Say About
Our BDR Services

Why Clients Choose Abacus for Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Discover how we can help your business build and implement an effective BDR plan. Book a free consultation now!

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    Turn on the news and you’ll see why your data must be backed up and you can recover your data, no matter what.

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    Natural disasters, cyber attacks, data corruption, and even mundane IT problems can cause any business to lose access to data, potentially forever. Plus, many regulations, including DORA, GDPR, and HIPAA, now require a comprehensive BDR plan.

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    Looking for a trusted partner, clients choose Abacus for its proven, tested BDR plans and cost-effective solutions. Knowing the risks, clients feel confident that, during an event or an audit, their business is safe and uninterrupted.