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Abacus Managed Support

Gain full-coverage IT support without the cost of a full-time hire, keeping your users supported and productive

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    Avoid Expensive In-House IT

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    Enjoy Friendly US-Based Support

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    Access 20+ Years of IT Expertise

Bring Expertise, Protection & Savings To Your Business

Plus, Abacus’ Managed Support includes IT Consulting, giving you access to personalized solutions and our expert engineers, helping you unleash more value from your IT.

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    Help Desk & Remote Support

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    Infrastructure Management

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    Cybersecurity & Monitoring

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    Software Maintenance & Updates

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    Endpoint Management

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    Migrations & Integrations

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    IT Projects

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    Cloud Management

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Stay Supported

Stop wasting time and stress trying to be your own IT team. Our responsive, friendly Support Team is US-based and ready to help when you need them—and their support is unlimited!

Whether it’s a wifi issue or a concern over cybersecurity, we’re here to support you when you need it.

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Stay Online

Avoid downtime as we keep your software and applications current, performing updates and maintenance without interruptions. We have a proactive plan to keep your IT effective, while unlocking competitive pricing and product expertise for Microsoft, Fortinet, Dell, and other brands.

Plus, you’ll tap into our team whose diverse, extensive expertise gives you uncommon access to the solutions you need for a reliable, user-friendly tech ecosystem.

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Stay Protected

Prevent cyber attacks with a full team and the best solutions, including cutting edge cybersecurity products from Fortinet, WithSecure, and others. We offer protection even in-house IT teams can’t achieve.

With 24/7/365 coverage, you significantly reduce the risk of malware, ransomware, phishing, and other sophisticated attacks, ensuring your systems and data remain compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulations.

What Clients Say About
Our Managed Support

Why Clients Choose Abacus for Managed Support

If you’d like to find out what makes Abacus different, plus get a few pointers on how to improve your company’s tech, book a free consultation now.

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    Without reliable technology, your business doesn’t run—but your budget may not allow for an experienced IT expert. Or, other IT vendors were impersonal or incomplete.

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    With 20+ years of expertise, Abacus offers the perfect balance of client service and technical expertise, one of many reasons our clients choose us for Managed Support.

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    A small team of experts, we offer personalized attention and service to every client while still giving you access to the latest, cost-effective technology and best practices. Our team cares about your success, so we’re always looking for new ways to not just keep you online, but use IT to improve your business.