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Many free password security features are terrible – some are incredibly unreliable, some are worthless, and others are simply spyware to collect all of the credentials. While Apple and Chrome’s built-in password managers are helpful, they lack a high-security level and don’t cover many platforms.

So what are the free best password managers out there? LogMeOnce, Bitwarden, Avira Password Manager, PassHub, and Myki are among the best available options. Suppose users want the best functionalities, security measures, and the most friendly customer service. Luckily, numerous excellent free password managers provide strong password protection, user-friendly interfaces, and a range of useful added functions. If you’re looking for functionalities, security measures, and friendly customer service, these 6 programs are highly recommended. 

Why Do You Need a Password Manager?

The better option is to construct unique, strong passwords—randomly created strings of memorable characters and alphanumerics—for each user’s online account. It’s the far superior option. There’s also the issue of memorizing and tracking them.

Enter password protection tools. These kinds of software intend to help users secure and organize their passwords throughout all accounts, devices, and sites without exposing themselves to privacy concerns. 

The best password keeper and password management tools can create clever passcodes for users, synchronize them throughout multiple websites, and safeguard them with high-end encryption technology that puts cyber hackers and online perpetrators at bay.

How Do They Work and What Do You Look For in a Password Manager?

Whatever the weakness of the password is, the password manager will take over and make necessary security measures. Whether users keep forgetting to alter their passwords, aren’t good at making strong ones, or can’t remember all the passwords, an excellent password manager will consolidate all of these to help the users get better security. 

A password manager is an innovative and easy way to protect and fortify the first security line between malicious attackers and essential data. Every password manager works slightly differently and has various sets of features. The first step is to identify the requirements and most importantly, users’ shortcomings. 

Are users great at creating strong passwords and yet terrible at recalling to change them? Or perhaps they’re better at identifying to change the passwords but have a habit of using common ones that any clever hacker can find out. A first step in choosing the best password manager is determining where users need the most help.

Best Password Managers for Free

Forgetting the passcodes for important sites, like online bank accounts or  social media business pages can lead users down the rabbit hole of finding out how to change the password. It is pretty enticing to go with something straightforward that users will remember or take notes on the complicated password that users use for everything. All these strategies, however, will fail. 

A fraudster, for example, can easily predict or brute-force a primary passcode. A security breach can also disclose any intricate password users create, affecting every profile that uses it. The only way is to build a strong password for each account that is random and lengthy, like H3r417di<w@ndZ. 

Most users cannot memorize a plethora of complex passwords. Below is a dropdown of features to look for that can enable all online users in keeping on top of their credentials and staying secure from cyber attacks:

  • Browser import
  • 2-step verification
  • Auto-fill online forms
  • Different identities for form filling
  • Reports on password strength
  • Digital Consistency
  • Protected password sharing


It is a password management service that provides cross-platform assistance, so no matter what device, computer, or smartphone, the logins and passwords remain available as needed.

Uncommonly, LogMeOnce eliminates any demand for a master password by implementing enhanced security configurations that prevent users from being closed out of the account, specifically by overlooking the master password.

It’s also a solution that gives advanced security features, such as digitally storing and encrypting logins for better accessibility. Instead of relying solely on username and password, LogMeOnce also provides fingerprint options, such as a face ID, selfie, and a PIN or passcodes. 

Because there are more alternatives, users can apply various levels of safety to separate logins. LogMeOnce, like other security software, provides a Single Sign-On feature, so once users sign in to a system, they don’t need to sign in again.


It is a solid non-proprietary password manager with an expansive free plan that provides endless password storage and supports many devices. Bitwarden is also “open-source,” which implies that its source code is accessible online, allowing a vast developer community to collaborate consistently to develop the product as secure and safe as possible. 

Admittedly, Bitwarden is not simple and user-friendly because it is open-source software. Bitwarden’s versatility, with its elective control functionality and deep dropdown menus, will appeal to tech-savvy subscribers. Still, it is more difficult to use for average users than competing products like Avira Password Manager.

Bitwarden’s password recall and autofill are erratic. Since Bitwarden was having trouble auto-filling and saving passwords, users will spend time tweaking their password vault and entering new login information individually.

Bitwarden, on the other hand, is a high-security password manager with unlimited data storage if users won’t bother putting in additional time. The paid version is also an excellent choice —it provides login auditing tools, low-cost biometric 2FA, and encrypted storage.

Avira Password Manager

With its free plan, users can synchronize endless passwords across an unlimited number of devices. Avira delivers the ideal free antivirus software solution, so it’s apparent that it also provides among the most feature-rich free password managers. 

Avira also offers fingerprint logins for phone devices and a TOTP authenticator developed into the software. Avira Password Manager offers user securities that anyone would want from a high-quality password manager in terms of data safety. 

Users’ credentials are secured with 256-bit AES encryption, ensuring that no one (including Avira) can read users’ data. This no-brainer policy is excellent for data protection. Avira Password Manager is extremely simple to use. The software can generate passwords, save logins, and auto-fill stored information with only a few clicks. 

Users can effortlessly transfer their saved Chrome passwords to Avira, and the software automatically links all of the passwords between mobile and pc. Users who want more security mechanisms can pay for Avira’s premium upgrade, including password vault auditing, data breach tracking, and prioritized customer service.


There are a few advantages of PassHub. It is incredibly safe, and it uses a mobile device for authentication. Data sharing is both secure and versatile. It works on all platforms and offers a free plan. However, it lacks automated password capture and playback. Importing is restricted, and there are no password reports that are weak or duplicated. 

Finally, there’s no internet form filling. The peculiar cloud-based WWPass PassHub functions on any platform and is highly safe. It does not, however, automatically capture or replay passcodes. It is an excellent password manager for those who prioritize protection over convenience.


Myki excels at simple password manager features, such as auto-capturing logins, generating strong passwords, storing ID and banking details, and allowing external data exchange. Since Myki holds the data locally on the device instead of in the cloud, comprehensive functionality is only available by installing a mobile or desktop app. 

The browser extension must link to work. Where Myki falls short in cross-device transfer, it compensates for it with an excellent security scheme. To begin, users don’t need to memorize a master password to access the vault because they use a PIN or fingerprint scanners.

Contrast specifications

Password Managers ➡️






Browser import __ __
2-step verification
Auto-fill online forms __ __
Different identities for form filling __ __
Reports on password strength __ __
Digital Consistency __ __ __
Protected password sharing __

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