Meet Fortinet’s Security Fabric & Ensure Your Network Is Cyber-Threat Ready

Cyber threats are on the rise.

The increase in connected devices and applications has made network security a top priority for organizations of all sizes. 

With the average cost of a data breach reaching more than $4 million, it’s critical for companies to adopt a security framework that they can trust to protect against a wide variety of threats.

You need a unified and coordinated defense against cyber threats across your entire network infrastructure.

Enter Fortinet Security Fabric. 

What Is Fortinet Security Fabric?

Fortinet’s Security Fabric is an all-inclusive approach to internet security. It’s structured to provide protection against cyber threats from the network to the cloud and everything in between. 

It combines a range of security technologies and solutions, including firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, endpoint security, cloud security, and more, into a single, cohesive structure.

 The key components of the Fortinet Security Fabric include:

  • FortiGate Firewalls 
  • FortiAnalyzer 
  • FortiManager 
  • FortiClient 
  • FortiWeb 
  • FortiMail 
  • FortiSandbox

How Does Fortinet Security Fabric Work?

The security fabric works by leveraging the strengths of each of the various security solutions. Working together provides complete protection against threats.

The framework is designed to ensure each component works with the others seamlessly, providing real-time threat detection and response across the entire network infrastructure.

Here’s how each of the components works and integrates with each other: 

FortiGate Firewalls are deployed at the edge of the network to provide advanced threat protection and intrusion prevention. They can inspect network traffic in real-time and block known and unknown threats. 

FortiAnalyzer collects and analyzes log data from FortiGate Firewalls and other security solutions in the network. It provides immediate visibility into network activity and enables businesses to quickly detect and respond to threats.

FortiManager empowers organizations to centrally manage FortiGate Firewalls and other security solutions in the network from a single console. It simplifies configuration, deployment, and management tasks, reducing the complexity and cost of managing multiple security solutions.

FortiClient provides endpoint protection for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. It can detect and block a wide range of threats, including malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

FortiWeb offers web application protection and can also detect and block a wide range of threats.

FortiMail delivers email security for both inbound and outbound email traffic. It can catch spam, malware, and phishing emails, as well as provide data loss prevention and encryption capabilities. 

FortiSandbox enables organizations to detect and respond to advanced threats that evade traditional security solutions. It uses dynamic analysis techniques to identify and quarantine suspicious files and activities.

Why Is Security Fabric Beneficial?

There are a variety of benefits for businesses and organizations of all sizes that need to improve their network security. 

#1: Comprehensive Protection

The Fortinet Security Fabric provides end-to-end protection against a wide range of cyber threats, from the edge of the network to the cloud and everything in between.

This is especially important for organizations that are particularly vulnerable to cyber threats. Unfortunately, schools and other educational institutions fall under that umbrella.  According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, cyber attacks on K-12 schools continue to rise. 

The kind of all-encompassing protection that Fortinet’s Security Fabric offers is the perfect solution for keeping schools and students safe.

#2: Integrated Approach

All the elements of Fortinet’s Security Fabric work together seamlessly, offering threat detection and response in real-time over the whole network. Integration is simple and without gaps.

#3: Simplified Management

The centralized management console simplifies configuration, deployment, and other tasks, reducing the complexity and cost of overseeing multiple security solutions.

#4: Advanced Threat Protection

Even sophisticated cyber threats are no match for the level of security Fortinet’s Safety Fabric offers. 

This is a huge issue for those who are responsible for the security of legal offices. There’s vulnerable private, personal information at risk if you don’t have a structure that can handle the most innovative and complex threats.

#5: Cost Effectiveness

Multiple security solutions can be difficult to manage financially. The costs for each service you’d like to have on board can add up quickly.

With the comprehensive structure Fortinet offers, you’ll have less to manage – and less to pay for.

Whether you have a small business, you’re handling security for a school system, or you’re running a large organization, being as efficient with finances as possible is a big deal. 

Challenges Security Fabric Eliminates

With all the benefits Fortinet’s Security Fabric has to offer, it’s worth thinking about what challenges you’ll be avoiding when you use their services.

  • Cybersecurity will no longer be the most pressing issue you have to deal with. You won’t have to worry about the sensitive information you have in your hardware, in the cloud or the endpoint.
  • It’s a pain when technologies don’t play nicely. No worries: one of the coolest things about Fortinet is that the more of their products you use, the more they can integrate and speak to each other.
  • Fortinet’s Security Fabric allows you to eliminate many of the time-consuming manual processes that you’ve been handling. Remember that simplified management console? Less time, less frustration, and more smooth operations.

Fortinet In Action

Fortinet Security Fabric has something to offer no matter what your area is. Here are some real-life examples of how the security fabric has benefitted organizations in a variety of spaces:


As cyber threats were on the rise and costs were increasing, it became clear to North Carolina’s Meredith College that their legacy network wasn’t keeping up. They turned to Fortinet for help. 

The first step was deploying FortiGate Firewalls. Then, with FortiSwitch core switching in the school’s data center, the value of the security fabric across the buildings on campus and the core network really hit home. 

Meredith College now enjoys the benefits of a comprehensive network and security partner that modernized their infrastructure and lends peace of mind for students, faculty, and staff.

Law Firm

Cole, Scott & Kissane is a legal firm in Florida that’s spread across 14 separate office locations. When it was time to update their network, they knew that they wanted to simplify the technical aspects of maintaining security. 

Fortinet was ready to help. In addition to the FortiGate Firewalls, the firm also rolled out a Fortinet Secure SD-WAN to boost connectivity between branches. As an added benefit, the performance of both cloud-based and on-premises applications improved. 

With centralized device management, Cole, Scott & Kissane’s engineers continue to save considerable amounts of time compared to their outdated system.

Small business

Central Michigan Paper is a 138-year-old company that has always prided itself on being “fast, flexible, and focused.” Its reputation was in jeopardy when it became clear their legacy system needed an upgrade. In addition to the rising cyber threats, the paper company also needed to update to keep their cybersecurity insurance coverage.

As with Meredith College and Cole, Scott & Kissane, the first thing Fortinet did was deploy FortiGate Firewalls. This was followed up with managed endpoint protection via FortiEDR.

Finally, Central Michigan Paper expanded their security fabric to protect the entire network which has resulted in an easier-to-manage system that’s more secure than ever and is well-insured.

Ready For Fortinet?

Fortinet’s Security Fabric will ensure your organization – no matter the size or industry – will be well-protected. From desktop to the cloud to endpoints, you can trust you’re saving money, being more efficient, and preventing cyber attacks.

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