With almost 300 billion emails sent per day, it’s no surprise that around 91% of all cybersecurity attacks begin with
In 2011, Microsoft launched the cloud-based subscription Microsoft 365 software platform with all the apps and features tailored to enhance
As more commercial activities are done through email, small businesses and enterprises alike should take an interest in email security,
Managing Your Business Through Computer Networks According to a survey by the tech giant Brother, 41% of small businesses are
With the latest advancements in technology also comes the looming threat of cyberattacks like ransomware. This particular type of cybercrime
When unforeseen events take place and stop the organization’s operations, quick data recovery is needed to continue providing service to
There are dozens of high-end antivirus software available on the market but most of them must be purchased. Luckily, computers
Remote access technology is essential in maximizing the efficiency of IT departments. It allows the team to provide support to
Banks, credit unions, and loaning companies are among the top institutions that need a robust cybersecurity system in order to
Technology is a big part of any business – from planning business continuity to securing important data in the cloud.